8 december 2021

Land of Hope in Seoul Biennale Data Book 2021

Ons essay Land of Hope: A new narrative for unbuilt space werd in Seoul Biennale Data Books 2021 gepubliceerd! Hierin bespreken Henk Hartzema en Aikaterina Myserli de noodzaak van projectieve scenario’s, ontwerpend onderzoek en verbeelding.

Hieronder een fragment uit het essay:

“Resorting to the poetics of experimental scenarios and large-scale visions appears to be a valid way of illustrating possible futures and inviting the viewer to become partaker in the unfolding of radical change. New narratives, “borrowing size” from cartography, art, philosophy and graphic design, facilitated the process of design synthesis and the creative assemblage of data, scenarios and images. This data-backed fictional approach eventually allowed for envisioning new systemic and spatial relationships and “landing” the scenarios to real case study areas.”


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